SAVE THE DATE ! - November 17 and 18, 2015 - SAVE THE DATE !

This international platform discusses the development of THIN SEMICONDUCTOR DEVICES and FLEXIBLE ELECTRONIC SYSTEMS since the year 2000.

Organised by Fraunhofer EMFT, Munich, Germany, the workshop addresses scientists, applied researchers, equipment suppliers, users and visionaries.
It provides an excellent opportunity for an exchange of ideas and experiences in the fast evolving world of thin semiconductor devices and flexible electronics.

This year we will have an application oriented program featuring invited presentations, combining forces of thin semiconductor devices and flexible electronic systems for a wide field of applications and more:

lifestyle – wearables – consumables – health – robotics – thin silicon – printing and assembly technologies – flexible electronic systems –  visions & markets – sensors – security...


Find some new ideas in the combinations - network with other companies - enhance your potential field of customers

We will have a panel discussion with renowned scientists and visionary, banner displays and selected exhibition items

if you are interested in displaying your banner, showing your products or being a sponsor let us know

We look forward to welcoming you to the FORUM BE-FLEXIBLE 2015 at Fraunhofer EMFT in Munich   
Prof. Christoph Kutter, Director Fraunhofer EMFT

this webpage is currently under construction until mid may

until then only the front page will appear - please contact be-flexible(at) if you have any questions already
thank you very much for your understanding
Gabriele Reiner, organiser


further events - updates - news

Save the Date ! November 09, 2015, the day before PRODUCTRONICA
workshop Panel Processing - Backend between Frontend and PCB (working title)
a cooperation of TechSearch International, Inc., U.S.A., and Fraunhofer EMFT at the facilities of Fraunhofer EMFT, Munich

as every other year we are glad to announce again a workshop in cooperation with TechSearch International, Inc., U.S.A. the day before PRODUCTRONICA

find details here later