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This international platform discusses the development of THIN SEMICONDUCTOR DEVICES and FLEXIBLE ELECTRONIC SYSTEMS since the year 2000.

Organised by Fraunhofer EMFT, Munich, Germany, the workshop addresses scientists, applied researchers, materials and equipment suppliers, users and visionaries.
It provides an excellent opportunity for an exchange of ideas and experiences in the fast evolving world of thin semiconductor devices and flexible electronics.

This year we have an application oriented program featuring invited presentations, combining forces of thin semiconductor devices and flexible electronic systems for a wide field of applications and more:

lifestyle – wearables – consumables – health – robotics – thin silicon – printing and assembly technologies – flexible electronic systems –  visions & markets – sensors – security...


Find new ideas in the combinations - network with other companies - enhance your potential field of customers
participate in the panel discussion with renowned scientists and visionaries, discuss selected exhibition items and banner displays
if you are interested in displaying your banner, showing your products or being a sponsor let us know

We look forward to welcoming you to the FORUM BE-FLEXIBLE 2015 at Fraunhofer EMFT in Munich   
Prof. Christoph Kutter, Director Fraunhofer EMFT


we are happy to announce our speakers

Professor Takao Someya, University of Tokio, Japan - keynote speaker and on the panel
Professor Dr. Gordon Cheng, Technische Universitaet Muenchen, Cognitive Systems, Munich
Dr. Michael Alexander, Roland Berger Strategy Consultants GmbH, Munich, Germany
Dr. Maximilian Müller, Moticon GmbH, Munich, Germany
Petra Weiler, EPoSS e.V., VDI/VDE Innovation + Technik GmbH, Berlin, Germany
Jean-Christophe Eloy, Yole Developpement, Lyon, France
Prof. Dr. Reinhard R. Baumann, TU Chemnitz, Digital Printing and Imaging Technology, Chemnitz, Germany
Dan Negrea, AEMtec GmbH, member of exceet, Berlin, Germany
Prof. Dr. Joachim Burghartz, IMS Chips, Stuttgart, Germany
Prof. Dr. Paolo Lugli, Technische Universitaet Muenchen, Chair of Nanoelectronics, Munich
Thomas Suwald, NXP Semiconductors, Hamburg, Germany
Dr. Wolfgang Bochtler, Mektec Europe GmbH, Weinheim, Germany
Carsten Wesselkamp, Plan Optik AG, Elsoff, Germany
Dr. Octavio Trovarelli, Plastic Logic Germany, Dresden, Germany
Maximillian Bee, Reinhardt Microtech GmbH, Cicor Group, Ulm, Germany
Roland Guillemain, Linxens, France
Claude Labro, Afelim, Saint-Cloud, France
John Whitmarsh, ESL Europe, Reading, England
Christof Landesberger, Fraunhofer EMFT, Munich, Germany
........and speaker from Adhesives Research Ireland, DISCO and more







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Save the Date ! November 09, 2015, the day before PRODUCTRONICA

workshop Panel Processing - Filling the Gap between Frontend and PCB

a cooperation of TechSearch International, Inc., U.S.A., and Fraunhofer EMFT

as every other year we are glad to announce again a workshop in cooperation with TechSearch International, Inc., U.S.A. the day before PRODUCTRONICA
location: at the facilities of Fraunhofer EMFT, Munich

find details here later

further events - updates - news

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Creating a TSensors-Based Abundant Future

Join us for the 2015 TSensors Summit, the seventh to be held worldwide. We have lined up a remarkable group of speakers; participating organizations are from the technical and financial industries, academia and government.

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