forum 'be-flexible', december 2 and 3

19. - 20. November 2014 in Munich

This international platform with two consecutive days is intended for scientists, applied researchers, equipment suppliers and users. An excellent opportunity to exchange ideas and experiences in the world of thin semiconductor devices and flexible electronics.

organised by Fraunhofer EMFT, Munich, Germany

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the workshop day thin semiconductor devices discusses technologies and approaches for wafer thinning and handling of thin and ultra-thin wafers, processing of thin wafers, dicing concepts and self-assembly concepts as well as the integration in flexible electronic systems for a multitude of applications

the workshop day flexible electronic systems focuses on system integration and processing of thin and flexible, highly functional smart systems, smart textiles and ubiquitous applications. It also introduces new materials and novel and enhanced functionalities, such as sensors, and advances in material and machinery.

featuring the keynote speakers
Dr. Octavio Trovarelli, Director of Process Engineering, , Plastic Logic, Dresden, Germany
Wolf Richter, EPIC Semiconductors, Vancouver, Canada

We look forward to meeting you again at the next Forum be-flexible in 2014 at Fraunhofer EMFT in Munich   
Prof. Dr. Karlheinz Bock,
Head of department Polytronic and Multifunctional Systems


Forum be-flexible 2014

19 - 20. November 2014,
Fraunhofer EMFT, Munich

call for paper has started,
submit your abstract here

registration will open september 8


T (Trillion) Sensors Summit Munich 2014

15. - 17. September 2014

organized by Fraunhofer EMFT

TSensors Summits are being organized as  forums for the world’s sensor visionaries to present their views on which sensor applications (TApps), sensor types and sensor manu-facturing platforms which have the potential to fuel sensor market growth to the trillions within a decade. Such forecasted explosion will be a continuation of consumer sensor growth from 10 million units in 2007 (iPhone introduction) to almost 10 billion devices in 2013.



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